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Transparency Disclosures

In keeping with our commitment to ensure responsible business practices, Shire believes transparency in our funding decisions is vital to building and maintaining trust with our stakeholders.

We believe that:

  • Industry interactions with the medical profession have a profound and positive influence on the quality of patient treatment and on the value of research;
  • as the primary providers of healthcare services and interface with patients, healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs) can offer unique, independent insights and expert knowledge on patients behavior and management of disease;
  • gaining access to this expertise plays a critical role in informing and guiding industry efforts to improve the quality of patient care and treatment options

At the same time , we recognize there is a growing expectation that industry interactions with HCPs and HCOs should not only be conducted with integrity but should also be transparent. We therefore fully support the new EFPIA Code on Disclosure of Transfers of Value from Pharmaceutical Companies to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations and have transposed it to the AIFD Code of Practice in Turkey. We hope that it will serve to create a better understanding of, and ultimately build trust in, the validity of industry interactions with the medical profession.

We therefore declare and undertake to abide by the rules of AIFD Turkey and EFPIA including rules laid down in EFPIA’ Codes:

  • - AIFD CODE OF PRACTICE, which incorporates all EFPIA Codes, IFPMA Principles and IFPMA Principles and the IFPMA Code together with additional rules in conformity with the Turkish Republic laws and regulations on the subject;
  • - EFPIA HCP CODE - Code on the Promotion of Prescription-only Medicines to, and interactions with Healthcare Professions;
  • - EFPIA PO CODE - Code of Practice on Relationships between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Patients Organizations;
  • - EFPIA DISCLOSURE CODE – Code on Disclosure of Transfers of Value from Pharmaceutical Companies

For more information, please download the Shire Transparency Commitment Letter.


The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) represents the pharmaceutical industry operating in Europe. EFPIA believes that interactions between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals have a profound and positive influence on the quality of patient treatment and the value of future research.

Shire supports the principles of transparency put forth by EFPIA, is reporting based on local disclosure codes, and is committed to ensure that we meet the high standards of integrity that patients, governments and other stakeholders expect.

Below is a link to Shire’s EFPIA disclosure reports:


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